Rendering problems with Windows 7?

Hi, I have Storyboard Pro 2 installed on an Asus R1-F tablet PC running Windows 7 (4gb RAM, 1.66 dual core Intel processor, 945GM video). I had 1.5 sp1 on it previously and had a problem with a delay of my brush strokes appearing. Turning off Aero desktop solved this. In SP2 if I turn off Aero the camera/drawing window doesn’t render, so I can’t see what I’m drawing at all. The window renders if I switch Aero back on, but then I have the same problem with the brush strokes showing up a second after I draw them. When I first installed SP2, the camera/drawing window would render if I switched work spaces, but it ceased even doing that. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve installed the latest video drivers and the latest version of DirectX. I can’t think of anything else to do, so I come to the community for help.

I did find a kind of stop gap solution by switching to thumbnail view and back, the drawing window starts rendering again. So I can use the program again, but I still wonder if there is a setting somewhere in windows or Storyboard Pro that would make this unnecessary?

Yah, Photoshop won’t recognize the 945gm as an openGL card at all, SBpro is not the only program that has issues with it. In any case, switching back and forth from Thumbnail view is fairly easy and it gets the job done without too much pain and heartache as long as I keep the status bar visible. Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the Intel video cards have been reported to have bad support of OpenGL, which is necessary for the graphics in Storyboard 2. This is why on the website under the System Requirements it says:

NVIDIA® or ATI® Video card fully supporting
OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM

Sometimes people have been successful working with Intel cards if they update the drivers and turn off Aero, but clearly you already know this and have already tried this.