Rendering one scene at a time?

I’m a newbie at the beginning of a large project, and I need to plan ahead.

When it comes to editing my piece, I’m going to want seperate quicktimes (or image sequences) of each scene. From the tests I’ve done in Toon Boom, it looks like I can divide things into scenes, but it ends up being one giant render.

Is this true, or am I missing something? I’ve had this trouble with Flash, so I end up making a separate project file for each scene.

You always have the option of exporting the “current scene” or the “entire movie”(multiple scenes) for your project in every export format.

Look closer at the radio buttons in the dialog box when your exporting.

Hope this helps.

You should be able to get what you want out of this pretty easily.

When you export video you can choose to do only the current scene, the whole movie, a portion of the scene, etc. You can actually get pretty specific about it in the dialog box.

Thanks, I must be blind. Or too hungry to think straight. Or both.