rendering my 1st animation

I have a simple frame by frame animation based on imported / vectorized image on which I worked multiple frames setting up a manga girl character walking…it works really well in drawing and manipulating the character, unexpectedly great…

but when it comes to rendering it to .MOV it makes a black movie, i cannot see anything in the movie when i view it.

also, in Animate, when i switch from Open Gl Preview to Render Preview is black.

i use only one layer of frames, each hand drawn, camera is default

how can I see something in the render. I’m sure there’s a button i’m missing :slight_smile:

cheers & thanks for reading

Go to the menu bar and click on Insert>Effects>Colour-Card. This will create a colored background against which you will be able to see your drawings.


His drawings have been drawn with black line and have not been painted. In render view the background is black because there is no background, and if your drawing is black lines on black, you can not see anything.

You can, in a very basic mode, choose two paths:

1 - In the timeline, create a colour-card layer (press the + button and select colour-card) and make double click on the layer name area, this open the layer properties menu, and may assign the background color you want.

2 - Create a new drawing element in the timeline and move it below the layer of your animation. Select the first frame of the new element and the rectangle tool create a rectangle the size of the frame and paint it with paint tool, with some color. Extend the exposure (F5) until the last frame of your animation.

In render view, now you can see your animation black line with colored background, and of course your movie will look the same. Hope that helps.


ah black on black ?
i need a color-card in the background :slight_smile:

cheers thanks
i didn’t know


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