Rendering Issues Gradients / Transparency / Blurs

I have had a lot of trouble rendering clean images when using any sort of faded colors… transparency sometimes works. But gradients and blurs that feather out from one color to another tend to cause a lot of image distortion and banding and artifacts when I render. Is there a way to improve my rendering when using these techniques in my art? I typically go to RENDER - MOVIE and use Millions of Colors+

My first guess is that this is a hardware or driver issue. With a Windows 8.1 PC I had to tell the Nvidia driver which card to use with Harmony. With a Mac you may want to double check the video control panel for what resolution is being used. Update to the most recent video card driver that is stable on your machine. Save the old driver just in case.

Some utility apps, like Tech Tool Pro for Mac, run tests on video function, which could be helpful. On PC’s there is the issue of lots of waste files building up in the Registry, which can cause a variety of problems. I’m looking at 3rd party Registry cleaners now.

not quite sure what codec or level of compression you are applying to your renders. either of these can chunk up a blur or transparency if you are compressing it too much.