rendering issue

Hey again

This time its my render view. I want to quick render and i do so. The problem is I have a 3d layout and have created a room and the render view, shows alot of missing walls, black areas and my floor in the sceen has dense black circlular line patterns on it. How can i tackle this situation?

It can be that you have no colours (except black)added for this areas.
The render has black background.
If that is the reason try to add a colour card by pressing the big + in top of the timeline view -Add layer-- colour card.You can later dobbleclick the layer in the timeline view and edit the colour.
Or just add a new layer, make a big rectangle and fill with the paint tool.
Make sure it covers all that will be shown in camera view and place it in the back of all other layers.


Try making your floor object in front of all the other 3D objects. I find I have issues if I don’t do that that are similar to what you describe.

Could you attach a screenshot so that we can see exactly what you’re talking about? Just upload your screenshot to a free site like photobucket and post the link here.

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