Rendering in animate pro?

Hi, when I go to export as swf file, the effects from the Network area are not rendered, I know I am missing something, can anyone advise,

also can I ask if there is a way to export your movie as a flv but in a different size from the document, I know how to resize my movie if I export it as a .mov file, thanks

SWF export for Animate Pro did not support effects. Animate Pro 2, which will be released shortly, will support the export of some effects.

For export to FLV, the settings must match the scene settings. You can create a custom resolution and set this to what you want your FLV resolution to be, that way you can change to this resolution in your scene settings dialog then change back to what your current scene is after if you like.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks ;D