Rendering Images/Frames Qs

Hi All

I’m trying to figure out how to export a rendered image so that the background is white instead of grey. Basically I’m inking scanned drawings and when I export the image (choosing “color w/ transparency”), the final rendered image has a grey background, which isn’t ideal. And when I open the image in photoshop its just totally black.

So how can I export so that the image/frame has a white background? Thanks a lot.

use a white color card?

What’s a white color card? Thanks.

It’s a module/layer that you can put in your scene. You can get it from the Timeline or if in Animate Pro/Harmony from the Module Library view.

In the Timeline you can press and hold the big + icon and you will see the ColorCard layer.

Thanks guys, that did the trick!!

My question is how to render small png sequences with alpha with sharp edges. I am restricted to a scene setting of 256 x 256 pixels, with a custom fov of 41.112. I used the pain brush to give the art a hand drawn feel, and the required output for this game is png sequences at the mentioned sizes. In Flash, the resulting PNGs for characters created there are much sharper at the small sizes. How do I retain sharpness in the renders? Are there specific settings I am missing? i am running Animate 2 on a Mac.


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