rendering a MOV file with alpha info

I’m trying to prerender clips with particle effects to later be assembled in a new project in Toon Boom.
I know the matte info is there because it shows when I switch from render view to matte view.
How can I render the particle animations out and bring the clips back in with alpha info?


Hi, I’m not familiar with MOV format, I don’t know of any video format with transparency.

What I’d do in your case is rendering the effects in transparent png (PNG4 in Premium) and import the sequence.

I would export as PNG as scardario suggested, but you can do it with a Quicktime also, you need to select a codec that supports Millions of Colours+ on the Depth option (the + being the alpha channel). You can do this with the Animation codec, for instance (other codecs will not have the Depth option available. A PNG sequence will be much smaller in size than a video with Animation codec (which is basically lossless somewhere near the 100 percent quality option).

You could also try Quicktime with JPEG 2000 or PNG codec options in Millions of Colours+ and see if it works for you. IF you really need to work with MOV, not a PNG4 sequence.

Heya, Make sure there’s no background enabled in your scene, when you export movie, choose either Animation Millions+ or Apple ProRes 4444 which also has a + Alpha channel option.

Problem with this is you create an alpha video file, but when you re-import into Harmony, it flattens it out, so you probably have tried this already.

If you want to use them in another TB project, just save the particle layer(s)/ group to the project library, you can then drag and drop it back into any other scenes you create…

Cheers, Jason

Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro User

Thanks all for the help. Much appreciated.