Rendering 3D


current harmony 9 standalone user, interested in getting v11 but have a few ??'s regarding rendering 3D.

I know Maya is the preferred software to render out 3D scenes in v9, not used it yet but i want to be able to incorporate some 3D elements into my workflow and do not want to spend another £3.5K on Maya just to do this.

Is it possible to render any 3D stuff with Harmony v11 alone with no other 3d software? the sales team said something about to render textures the objects needs to be texture baked via Maya, what if i texture bake before inputing into harmony.

I currently have Modo and Ligthwave 3D and wonder if there are any possibilities to output to these software packages instead of Maya.

sorry for the list of questions but want to make sure before i invest.

I have Animestudio which allows 3d import and rendering just wondering why we need Maya and no other software.

thanks for any info and good animating


can i ask what version of maya you need to render in harmony 11


Any version of maya works, one of the advantages is that you have more control when performing a render, anime studio does not give you many modifications to launch a render, maya if.

Thanks adelmo