Rendered animation looks fuzzy


I’m new to Animate Pro and started doing a project in one of the standard sizes (720x540 NTSC). When I rendered the animation, the art became fuzzy and not sharp due to the anti-aliasing. When I tried fussing with the anti-aliasing quality in Layer Properties/Drawing, I couldn’t get a result that looked satisfactory. It either looked jagged or fuzzy.

I can’t imagine this would be suitable for the big screen where everything id blown up to super size, would it?

How do people who use Animate Pro to do shows for big movie theater screens set it up? What’s the right resolution to start with to ensure you get a satisfactory result in the end?

FWIW, I did a 1920x1280 test version and it looked pretty good even after I dialed it down to 720 in Final Cut.

So is there a recommended way to handle this issue?