Render View Pixelated


I would like to ask what components are needed for the render view to be working correctly. Till this day every time I changed into render view all I saw was a pixelated mess on close up but after installing some codecs (maybe) and messing around with the system (win7) the view works perfectly… I don’t want to mess around and ruin it. but if for any reason I will change the pc or reinstall I would like to know what is needed for the render view to view the rendered scene corretly. thanks in advance for the reply.

PS. Lilly’s the best

Haha thanks! Sorry I’ve been super busy lately so I haven’t been on here as often as I should, but I’m doing my best.

What the render view does is it actually pops off that frame and does a render of it. So it just renders it at the same size as your resolution that you’ve set up in your Scene Settings dialog. As long as this is the same as what your final output is, it’s a true representation of what your scene will look like in a render. You can only change how pixellated it shows up as by increasing your resolution, but you probably always want to look at this in the same resolution as your final output.