render view .obj and .3ds

I can not see in the render view, and .3 ds files. obj, the .osb visualizes the well.
which is the method for importing and viewing 3D models .3 ds and. obj?

my question is due more to use blender, and I am easily from there export the .obj or .3ds, maya instead I know but I have more practice with blender, in the case of the plane, is modeling in blender and imported into Maya, and thence exported as osb, what I want is to avoid this process.
I have no problem in handling .osb files, only one question I want to know :wink:

I’m a little confused. You want to export using Blender and avoid Maya?

As far as I know there is no ready fix for that.

I am sure they had to use what the majority of their Harmony customer base used and that’s Maya.

When they come out with a 64bit version of Harmony the combination of Maya and Harmony will rock. The ability to play 3d with 2d is already amazing a revolutionary.

Sorry about Blender though as it is a fine piece of software. I use output to GLrender to get round your problem but it loses color and stuff. Though for my purposes I like it funky.

Have fun!

my error was that I did not copy the file. mb in the harmony Items folder, I can already view the objects. obj in render view. ;D
thinking that this procedure was only for osb files

oh that error! 8)

I’m sorry to have not mentioned it. I hope Harmony 9.3 will enable the .mb file to placed in the elements folder automatically as soon as you choose the .osb file.

It’s really painful if you’re working long hours and getting tired, forgetting to move it or when you do not keeping the name and number the same.

Still it’s wonderful to play with 3d and have 2d actively reacting with the .osb file.