Render view fix in Harmony Premium

I just got a Premium version of Harmony and I cannot find how to fix render view, when working in GL all the lines are smooth and if switching to Gl it becomes blurry with pixels. How can I fix it? It also affects drawing substitutions in library for some reason, they also look blurry (didn´t have this problem in Harmony Advanced so I don really know what preferences it is).

To date, I have not had time to poke around much in the software. I have Harmony 12 through 17 installed. This is definitely unique to 17. I looked for settings that might influence it but did not see anything. Where there are identical options between versions I have them set up the same. Bottom line, I get the results in your images as well.

In your screenshot it shows that you are zoomed in to 400%. Do the lines look smooth and clear at 100% in the rendered view?

At 100% there is a noticeable aliasing and transparency around the edges, unlike previous versions of Harmony.

My trial version has expired so I can’t check for myself. I don’t remember noticing the problem but maybe I didn’t look close enough.