Render View and Final Export - colors not matching

Hi, I’ve noticed something that’s a bit annoying when exporting the final movie. I’m using the Render View button to test the colors as I assume would be on the final movie export, but somehow this are appearing different.

I exported the movie in multiple files, including the mov file with the animation codec, using a depth of color of ‘millions of colors+’ and quality at best. Nonetheless the colors in the exported movie file don’t match the Render View button colors exactly.

I’m including a link to the file, the differences are sutle, but the final export colors are duller. How can I export the movie looking just like the colors in the Render View?

The image at the bottom is the file opened in quicktime player.

I’ve noticed this as well… If you export as SWF or the frames themselves the colours seem richer than if you export as MOV. I’m not sure why it’s like that.

It’s not the best solution, but if you have a program to load the frames (like After Effects) you can export the frames and then load them in that and export a movie from there.

Seems a bit tedious, but if there is no other way I might have to try that. Let’s hope the Toonboom team can find just a button to flip somewhere or something :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks darkroar.

codec’s basically redraw frames to suit the compression. Unfortunatly these changes in colour aren’t unique to Toonboom software but a general problem.

The best solution is the one mentioned. It is also the best way to bring something into your compositer because it is lossless.

By making a video and then taking it into a compositer and making another video you are getting needless loss in quaility.

Alright, I’ll try that then. What should be the best image format to use?

tga is used a fair bit cause it has an alpha channel.

thanks, will try it then :slight_smile:

How can you do this in After Effects and can it be done in FCPX? I uploaded PNG in FCPX and no matter what settings I played with, it was was to slow.