Render Vector

Has anyone got any decent results when rendering out Vector images in Toon
Boom, Im rendering out through the Network view and have to supply the clients an EPS file so I will have to go via another program such as Illustrator has anyone rendered out Vector images for Print?

We don’t currently have the ability to export as EPS.

Toon Boom Support

But is there a way I can render out to a decent format and then convert to EPS via another program?

The only thing that you can do is render out as a bitmap image.

The only vector format output that you can do is to export as a .swf.

Is there a program whereby you can convert a .swf file to EPS?

Toon Boom Support

ok Lily thanks for the feedback.

The best way currently would be to export an .swf from Animate and then load that into Flash and export it as an .ai or .eps file. There is a possibility your colors may be off by the time you finally get to the format so watch out for that.

Thanks 14g, Hopefully they will update animate with increased export formats for print ;). As the clients want their campaign to look the same through out the tv ads and when stuff goes to print.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated