Render queue

I wish I could select several symbols and add them to a render queue so I could render several scenes during the night, and find everything rendered in the morning,
Thank you

You could add several write nodes and then render them all.
It will be some kind of queue.

/ Mattias

That would only work if there was an option in the Write Node paramaters to set the frame lenght for that render.

Instead, you can only choose the frame range in the “Render Write Nodes” Dialog (All frames or Selected Frames).

My suggestion is that the Range should be in each of the “Write Nodes”, otherwise, you can only batch render multiple Scenes or Symbols if they have the EXACT frame range (which is very unlikelly)

What do you think?

Hi ,

I agree. I think I have pointed that out for toonboom support.

Then my idea was to be able in the “Render Write Node” to be able to choose which node you want to render and to be able to spec the lenght of that.
Now you have to unplug the write nodes you dont want to use.

I hope this will come in the next update.

Please send this as a feature request direct to toonboom. If they get more comments on a specific new feature it is more likely that they add it.

/ Mattias