render queue in standby

I am trying to render and the queue is idle. How do get it to start rendering?

You have to set your machine to be available to batch render then you have to set up the schedule.

I don’t know on what platform you are on so I’ll say it for Windows. On mac you might have to check the documentation or ask support.

On Windows you have to go in Start >Programs>Toon Boom Harmony 9.2>Tools> Configuration Wizard>Batch Processing> Name of your server, etc.
You do this on the machine that you want to do the batch processing (vecto and rendering).

Once you have assigned one or multiple machines to be render machines in this way, you have to activate the schedule.

Open a cmd shell> Type Setdef>choose the machine(s) > the type of work allowed>on what environment etc like in the example below.

After this is your queue should pickup the entrys and check for available machine(s). If this didn’t work or if you are on mac or linux maybe check with support or the documentation. Check the Control Center Help> then Harmony Server guide>Chapter3 Batch processing.

Oh I forgot to mention when you create a new environment you have to set it in the schedule so that’s why you have to do the Setdef as explained above. Nothing is assigned by default.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

Do I have to do the setup on each client to add it to the render farm or is there a way to add them from the server?

To make a machine available to do batch processing you have to go in each individual machine because it installs a start_process for the tbprocess service and it puts the name of the machine in the machine-list file. If you look in your Task Manager you will see those two new processes appear after the first step I mentioned.

For the scheduling part you can do that from any machine.


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