Render problem

I’m getting this error message when trying to render a project in Animate Pro 3.

Frame unable to create shared memory segment, error : QSharedMemory::create: out of resources

I saw this on Mac when rendering Quick Time that one of application was set to use reserved shared memory in the system that this shared memory needs to be released to be able to render Quick Time. This does not happen all the time however but mostly be seen when there is more than one write module using Quick Time while shared memory on other application is in use. If you can not solve it by yourself, you better contact support.

You’re not alone I’m getting the same error quite consistently using animate pro 3. I get the error when no other apps are running that use quicktime. Hopefully there’ll be a fix for this soon as I’m sure having 12gb memory I have enough to cope with this task.

You can also get this error if your imported background images are unreasonably large.

tell me how to fix it toon boom people? I don’t have any backgrounds imported at all, just some blur effects on highlights and shadows.

and i’m getting the same error

getting the same error with h264 as well

You should contact support as they will be able to to get more specific considering your system.