Render Problem

Hi i have really weird problem with one moment of my animation. When i render or going to render view, thts what i see:

It shouldnt cut off the top off head and i dont know why it does that. When i move camera above head, everything is fine, but moving bottom, problem still existing. It doesnt happen in any other view. Only here.

Edit: Problem seems to happen everytime i move camera to cut fragment off monkey’s head.

Edit: Also it happens only in one file. In other file with this character everything is fine

Come on? Seriously no one know what to do? :frowning:

Your link doesn’t show anything, so not sure what the problem is you are having.

Brett, if you trim the “It” off of the end of the link you will see the image.

Unfortunately, Dominik, I have no idea what is causing this, other than possibly a video card issue.

Good point:

Sorry for this. Yeah i fix it in some weird way, but still id like to know what cause it.

I think it may have something in common with highlight effect i use.

I’d have to see the network or the timeline to get an idea of what you have in there.

Did you use Apply Peg or Image Transform modules? This could cause a clipping.

Are you using some inverted Cutters where the mask would not be big enough?