Render problem with Cutter

Hello there, I am having a problem with rendering a cutter module. I used a green indicator color in order to set the mask. in openGL mode the effect looks great, now when I flip to the render view it shows a green silhouette line around it. tried to change the opacity of the green color on palette but it hides the whole lower lip.
Im adding a photo, please let me know how to resolve this mess.

yeah, this is a pretty common problem with cutter in toon boom,
i’ve been having the same issue too.
Maybe you can try using matte resize module to enlarge the size of you green mask into the cutter, so the masked area will cover your green edge right to the end.
How are you setting this cutter by the way? is the green mask set up in a different drawing layer? (like the colour or underlay layer) if so, you can use layer selector module to only show your line art layer and it won’t show the rest of the layer. I probably not making sense.

Can you show your network view for that cutter?

thank you for your reply, I tried seperating the drawing to different drawing layers, the mask layer attached to the cutter and the lip layer to the main composite, and it actually worked. so thank you for that idea. the character is a singer, so I needed to build a bit of a complex mouth. gladly she has a million dollar smile now

yeah i feel like this is an issue with the Cutter that should be resolved by TB. i don’t quite understand why it would leave any trace of the matte artwork showing through, but it occasionally does. i would understand that it would show a trace of the matte if, say, you were using the color fill from a pencil line, but i’ve had this happen to me before when the matte is a color contained by a brush outline.

as already suggested, use a matte resize module to work around this issue. thats your best bet.