It seems the new function in Harmony 21 that allows to make a render preview in different resolutions is a little buggy… at least for what I’ve experienced in my pc.
Render time in 1:1 and other resolutions like 1:8 1:16 seem to take quite the same amount of time… sometimes cache seems to be suck in a resolution and it takes time to realize I’ve changed it. When changing from one res setting to another sometimes the render gets stuck and doesn’t load… and sometimes 1:32 takes even longer than 1:1.
I’m very excited about this new functionality :pray: :pray: :pray: hope you get it working properly soon :muscle:
thank you!

also, not sure what “progressive render” does… could you clear that up? I couldn’t find any difference having it activated or disabled… and the release notes don’t explain what it does. Should it be showing pieces of the image as it renders before the whole render finishes? :man_shrugging: