Render output doesn't work

I am trying toon boom animate PLE and I have a problem when I make a render. Anytime that I export the film in quicktime (some codes doesn’t work) or image sequence, I have the background black and I can’t see anything about my animation. I know it is a PLE and it has the toon boom logo, that’s not the problem. But when I export swf format, I can see my animation very well. I have the same problem with Digital Pro PLE.
With toon Boom Studio trial I don’t have this problem. I can export as I want and quicktime with all kind of codecs. The image has a very nice white background.
Anyone can help me?
thank you


Have you painted? Or have you only drawn a black line?
If you only have drawn a line, I think it is because you do not have any background or add a color-card to the end. By default, transparency in Animate is black and all the export follows the rule except SWF that it is white for own reason.

Other thing I want you to try is the camera view does not need to be the same as in the render output due to many reason such as effects which only shows well in bitmap view. You can try soft render in the camera to see what your final result looks like and what you see it in the soft render view in camera is what you will have in final output

When you output to SWF the grey area in the camera screen is transparent. What you need is a background or a (seeing as your line s are black) white colour card layer. In the early stages I put a white colour card in to help view the lines. Hope it helps. ;D