Render/Format Assistance (Sunday deadline)

I know I come here often and ask questions, but it’s only because Toon Boom has the best support, Mods and users alike, more than anything else I have ever used.

So I’m playing around with rendering and creating a new video. I like to make youtube cartoons. And I like them to look GOOD. So past the animation I want it to be in HD. I did one video and it was fine. However there was not a lot of action going on.

I use the HDTV format in Animate 2. 1920 1080 aspect ratio is 1.78 only my FPS is set at 12. I just think I work better at 12fps. It looks great, especially when I got a little blur effect on the backgrounds, makes the art pop and I like that.

Then I import everything into Sony Vegas 11. The problem here is I’m not sure with settings ti import into and render in. With my first video I kinda’ played around with it and guessed and it was fine, looked HD and everything. Now with some of the settings I played around with I see a slight ghost on my actions. So say I have a character talking and he is slightly moving his head while talking, you see a very faint ghost-drag motion of the frame before it. This is NOT the case after just exporting from Toon Boom mind you, only when render from Sony Vegas 11. So I’m guessing it has to be my settings. Perhaps something with my frame rate and the settings in Vegas? Also if you look the white color gets messed up. While exporting from TB the clouds are white and the sky is a light gray, this is very noticeable until I use the software and it makes the entire background almost all white. I hope I’m making sense.

Any help with that would be awesome. I suppose I’m looking for the preferred (Best) format to chose from. And I am looking into the situation myself as well. I’m not just on here not wanting to do the work, I’m spending all my free weekend playing and tinkering with settings. However, any help from you cats would be awesome as I have a deadline for Sunday to finish this particular sketch.

Below are some examples I uploaded. The page is still under construction. You will find the exampled I talked about above first. Than below it the first video. Which has a LITTLE of the same problem when the sentinels move their arms…tentacles…things.

You can even see it a little bit in the title intro in the second vid.


You can import frames into vegas pro right?

I think exporting the images and importing the frames would be the best. That way you don’t have to deal with conversion of the video formats.

Hm. Not sure, I don’t have (afford) Vegas Pro. I have to make this work. However it is probably the conversion of what I export out of TB and import/render from Vegas. I guess a place to start is to make sure all the formats are the same and see if I can create a frame rate in Vegas.

Anyone know the ideal format for Youtube in HD, I heard it was not 1080?

Vegas I believe has the same basic toolset as pro just less filters and effects. I should probably know better since we teach vegas pro at work lol. tells you how to import a sequence

You might be better exporting 24 frames per second when each frame duplicated. Because most video formats are going to convert you to that anyway.

Youtube edits your file anyway, 1080 will be fine and be excellent quaility

The ghosting problem probably happens because of frame rate discrepancies. Like if you’re exporting at 12, and Vegas is using 24, then it will perform a conversion.