Render different from camera view

Hello I’m a student, I’ve been working with Toon Boom studio for a while but today something weird is happening. I’m animation a bar graph, in camera view when i play it the bars look fine…but when I export the video the bars increase size along the x axis, I want them to remain the same width. Camera view shows what i want, is there something I’m doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated. Searching for this hasn’t brought up any results.

I should mention i put the pegged the individual bars…

This must not be a common problem. I Ultimately fixed it by creating another layer over the bars and then outlined the bars and copied the background color with it so it blended in, making the bars appear to keep their width.

Did you move the camera at all? Or did you move the graph in the Top view or Side view to make it get closer to the camera?

If you zoomed in at all, (either by moving the camera closer to the graph or moved the graph closer to the camera), that would cause them to get closer to the camera thus making them appear to growing wider.