Render Crashes

I’m trying to render a 400 frame project, and it keeps crashing. I’ve imported several bitmaps that I need for the project, so I can’t get rid of them. I tried expanding the cache size, created a cache path file, and even tried to render it at 1/4 of the resolution but only 60-70% of it renders before it crashes. It looks like it crashes at frame 299.
I have an:
Intel Core i7 CPU 4 CPUs 2.6 ghz
8 GB of RAM
Intel and ATI-Radeon graphics card

Try exporting render write nodes and rendering out each frame that way in segements?

New weird problem. If I export 1-300 frames it works completely, but if I try to export 1-400 frames, it stops 47% done, even though it can export 300 frames. Any reason?