Render cache Path for OS X

Hello all,

I have been attempting to place a Cache Path and Capacity on disk this is located in the Render tab, in the Preferences.

I keep getting Invalided path over and over again. Does anyone know the proper path I should be using for this? I found two of these neither works, I am attempting to place this path to go to an external hard drive.

Example I have found: “These all come up invalid errors”

file: /// Users/ name of your computer /Desktop/ name of a folder created to contain the cache data :5000mb

/Volumes/and then the external hard drive name:2000mb

/Users/computer name/Desktop/folder name:2000mb

And the other was in the Harmony online PDF which does not tell you how to do it on a mac only a PC.

And as always thanks for the help

Hi! Even though this post is a bit old, I’m replying to it anyway since it was the same exact issue I had today and might as well help you and anyone else out by attaching the answer :slight_smile:

The format for entering the Mac OS directory line is:


Folder1-3 just being whatever folders in your setup and file structure you’ve made manually, and #### being the capacity you’re allotting for Harmony to use on the drive. You MUST use a semicolon before the cache size, NOT a colon. There’s also no need to enter MB after the capacity number.