Render and Play doesn't play entire scene

I am working with a stickman style scene of about 400 frames, so not too complicated. When I press Render and Play icon in the toolbar, it appears to render 100% of the frames, but then in the Player, it only loads and shows 213 frames, then goes to black for the remainder of the scene. However, the full soundtrack continues throughout the black frames, which is odd.

Using a high-end system, Win7 OS, 4GB RAM, high-end Nvidia gr card. Animate is running as high-priority process. Help!

It may be that you have simply used up the maximum amount of RAM that the Application can handle. Just to double-check that it’s not those frames themselves, if you render and play just frames 200-400, does it render these ones correctly?

Do you have a lot of effects in the scene? You can always try to do an actual Quicktime Export to test the scene.

A simple scene of 400 frames should easily render. Just to double-check, you do have a colour card attached to your scene, right? Or if not, for your background layer, is the exposure of the background extended for the full 400 frames?