Render and Play - Black Screen

I am using Harmony 14. Answer my question in full detail, or not at all. What steps must I take to stop my Render and Play from giving me a black screen?

  • My short toon is in colors, not black.
  • It is one layer. (taking the simplest approach possible.)
  • I have Rendered and Played before using this same animation style and was able to see my toon. (hence, my video card is not the problem.)
  • I am being told I need to “add a colour card”. I did not add that in the past and it worked. So that is not the issue. (all blank space was turned black, and I could still see my cartoon.)

I have tried all the typical techniques in the forums and such to prevent this. None work. And the ones I didn’t try were the solutions that were too vague. (my reasoning behind requesting full detail)

Assistance is appreciated.

Try uninstalling Quicktime, rebooting the system and re-installing Quicktime.