Renaming scenes

Hello,we’ve got a problem with the latest version of toonboom storyboard, regarding the renaming of the worked fine until this version, but now it seems it can’t rename shots that are already existing… for exemple, if i have a scene 22, and i want to rename all the scene from the begining, meaning that some other shot (like, say, 20_D) will be renamed so 20_D become 22, it says “the chosen renaming rule cannot be applied” (because there is already a scene 22, i guess.)sory about my english, but this is really annoying.

Hi,Would it be possible which version is that new version you have just received?Regards,Ugo

it’s the 8.6.0 version of toonboom storyboard pro 1.5.

Hi,Sorry I was not specific enough, I meant the build number you can get in Help>About or Toon Boom Storyboard Pro>About Toon Boom… I would need to get the full number (should be something like 8.6.0 4xxx).Best regards,Ugo

sorry, it’s 4582.

Hi,This is a non-standard version and I don’t quite know what could be in cause there. Make sure to get in contact with whoever provided you this version to get more information about it.Regards,Ugo