Renaming Scenes to shots

Hi, I am toying with the trial version of Storyboard as I am considering which storyboard program to buy. I am a little confused in the scene / shot topic. On some of the demo movies, they list the ability to have separate shots with several panels per shot. However, in the program, it only lists scenes. Is there a way to change the name from scene to shot? I couldn’t find any options in the preferences.FYI for future development. Ideally, I’d have both fields. When I import a script from final draft, it sends scene information. I have several shots per scene, and I have several panels per shot.

Storyboard has the ability to create panels in addition to shots - both are done from the Storyboard Menu. To create a panel, use shortcut “P”.You can also split a shot into several panels or merge panels into theshot. I believe that one way to split panels was added in V1.5.Shots can be renamed from the Panel tab or the Storyboard Menu.

Right now, they seem to be named scene. Is there a way to change the name of “scenes” to “shots” ?

Not Currently, they both mean the same thing and it was decided to use scenes in the software. You could send a feature request to indicating why this feature would be desirable.