Renaming scene

I don’t understand how I can rename scenes with ToonBoom STB2.0: the list in the “rename scenes” menu shows sometimes “invalid” alerts. And sometimes… not.
What’s the difference with how it used to be in 1.5 version?

Yes, I rename a entire project after many scene numbers have change, or have been deleted. And the list shows these “unvalid” names that dosn’t allow to change the whole thing.

I seems it occurs each time the renamed scenes list uses one or many scene numbers which are in the original list.
I skipped the problem by changing the numbers of characters of the list (useful, but not very direct).
I can send a screenshot.

Are you trying to rename a scene to a name that’s already been taken?


I just tried a bunch of scenarios that I thought might cause trouble and I wasn’t able to get the error to occur. Maybe next time the error occurs, can you take a screenshot of the rename dialog so that we can see exactly what you were trying to do? This might help to debug the problem.


Thanks for sending me the image. I’ve forwarded it to R&D who will take a look at it and see if they can reproduce the issue.