Renaming project

I need to rename my SBP 4.0 project. If I ‘save as’ I receive an ‘invalid project name’ pop-up. Any suggestions?

Use “Save As” but avoid using spaces, accented characters or symbols in the name of the project or any folder name in the directory path where you are storing the project.

And DON’T use save as to save the project in the old project’s folder. Go one step outside it at least so that both project folders are in the same location. Either that or use a completely different location to store the project.

Consider also if you really need to rename the project or if simply dropping the project folder into a named folder will suffice (if you’re renaming is solely for version tracking reasons).

Thanks rkriz! all great suggestions and tips!

I needed to rename to conform with the production convention, but what I found was the requested name was just too long! I found that the TB name ‘cap’ seems to be around 22 characters (the name production requested was 5 or 6 characters longer). Word to the wise!