Renaming Imported Flash graphics

Good morning:

I’ve been enjoying a renewed interest in Toon Boom lately. Not long ago I learned some new Flash methods, however, and now I have some Flash characters I’d like to import and rig up for long-term use in Toon Boom.

The trouble is that when I import the character as a whole, the symbols all get numbered under the name of the imported element, so the arm, the head, etc., are all named “Henry movie (0)”; “Henry movie (1)”’, and so on. If I change the name of one, they all change except for the numbers.

The only way to avoid this is to import each piece individually, which means they must be exported from Flash individually and re-rigged in Toon Boom. If I save the rig in my global library and bring it back in, it still does the same thing. I can, however, rename the pegs…

Honestly this is just a result of bad planning and poor forsight on my part, but I’d love a way to get around this some how. Any input would be great. ;D

it figures… I find a decent solution right after I post for help…

If I create new drawing elements and copy either the drawing objects or the cells to the new element, I can name it what I want. It’s a much quicker solution than importing each piece individually.

In fact, all the cells in the x-sheet can be dragged over together and put in the new element at once. Then individual cells can be renamed if needed. This is actually pretty fast.