Renaming Folder containing ToonBoom Project folder causes Project scene to disappear from folder

perhaps you could help me with this.

I recently renamed the folder that held the Toonboom Sc folder, and now the project file .xStage is gone completely.
Is there any way to retrieve it?

I’ve tried opening it through the toon boom menu but to no avail. I know that sometimes the project scenes aren’t visible outside the Toonboom menu, but i still could not see it.

Hopefully, there is a way to find it.

For clarification, the Sc Folder is there, but the .xStage is gone. All the folders are there, but with nothing in them.

To become unlinked or misplaced. Here are a few steps you can try

  • Use your computer’s search function to look for the .xstage file. Enter the file name in the search bar and make sure to select the option to search for all files, including hidden ones. If the file was moved to a different location during the folder renaming process, this search may help locate it.
  • If you deleted the .xstage file accidentally, it might still be in your computer’s recycle bin (Windows) or trash (Mac). Open the respective bin or trash folder and search for the file. If you find it, restore it to its original location.
  • If the .xstage file is not found through the above methods, you can try using data recovery software. These tools are designed to search for and restore deleted or lost files on your computer. Some popular data recovery software options include Recuva, EZDriveMA EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and Disk Drill. Install one of these tools and follow the instructions to scan your computer for recoverable files.

Remember, it’s important to regularly back up your project files to prevent potential data loss in the future. Good luck, and I hope you’re able to retrieve your .xstage file successfully!.

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