Renaming cel deletes drawing!

I’m using TBS 5.0 on a PowerPC Mac (G5 processor), OS X.4.11

I start an animation, in drawing view. Sketching away, then try to change the name of the cel to something more descriptive and useful than the default “Drawing-1”. So I double-click “Drawing-1”, enter the new name. But instead of replacing “Drawing-1” with the name I type, the program appends what I typed to “Drawing-1”, and deletes the contents of the cell!

Is it something I’m doing wrong? (I’ve had this problem ever since version 3, and I keep hoping every update will fix the problem.)


It did not actually delete the drawing but simple replaced it by a new empty drawing with the name you had typed in. Double clicking on a cell is used to replace the exposure (which drawing is shown), if you want to rename a drawing you will need to right click and use the rename drawing function.

If you want to bring back your drawing you should simply double click on that cell again and type the prior name that was there.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

Ugo, is there a way to find the cels that were replaced in this way? Are they saved with the project? Or does saving cause TBS to discard any cels that aren’t used on the exposure sheet?


Once a cell is created in an element it remains in the local animation library for that project even if it is no longer assigned to any frames on the timeline for that element.

To view all the cells in any element you can go to the Library and look in the project’s Animation catalog for the desired Scene folder and inside that scene folder are all the element folders for that scene and in the appropriate element folder you will find all the cells created in that element.

You can view> thumbnails in your library preview panel and actually see the contents of each cell.

You can also view all the cells for an element in the Cells panel for a specific element but by viewing a specific cell that way you also change the current frame’s cell assignment so the above described library viewing method is better unless you actually want to change cell to frame assignments. -JK

Okay, that solved the problem of the “disappearing drawing” (thank you!) - now if I could just get the renaming to not include the word “Drawing” at the beginning…

Rename the element name to change the prefix to the cell names. IE change the name of the element from “Drawing” to, for example, “A” and then your cells will be named A-1, A-2, A-3 etc instead of Drawing-1, Drawing-2, Drawing-3 -JK