renaming a board??

I feel like I’ve asked this question here before and I feel like the answer is no. But is there anyway to rename a board after you’ve created it?

A lot of times, projects start with one name and end up with another. A LOT of times. It’s a complete hassle to have to create a whole new sboard file and import all the same shots and copy and paste everything to rename the board. Is there any way around this?

Any way to rename a board after it’s been created?


I have like 8 boards that need to be renamed and I’m dreading the idea of creating new boards for all of them when all I really need to do is rename them.


It is actually possible to change the title and subtitle of the project through the Storyboard>Project Properties menu. As for the project itself it can’t be renamed from inside the software.

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okay, I know about changing the title and subtitle in the properties menu but when I generate pdf’s for clients the Project name is still there. Any way to turn that off?

It would keep help me save a ton of time in terms of recreating sboard files just to change the name.

that’s a major problem with this program as this isn’t the first or the last time this is going to happen.

this was actually me not matt


I checked and in fact I did not find any option to show the actual name of the project in the export to PDF. By default it will show the Title only which can be changed in the Storyboard>Properties panel.

Where exactly do you see the project name on your PDF?

Also which version of Storyboard are you using?

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Ugo- it shows up on the top “header” of every page along with the subtitle. i only see this when it’s printed. and I’m using storyboard 1.5



If you do not see it in the pdf when you open it but see it in the printed version it is actually related to the application used to print pdf. I tried printing the pdf with Adobe Reader just now and I did not see the title being written anywhere.

In any case you might want to check the settings of the software you use to print for it you do not see it in the pdf when you open it after exporting it is not Toon Boom Storyboard that adds this information.