Rename by frame

In the xsheet when I do a rename by frame, I expect it to have number like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, etc. But instead I got these, 1,2,3_1,4,5,6,7_1,8,etc. Please help.

Thank you. It works!

All I can think of is that you must have another drawing already that’s named 3 and 7 and that it can’t name it that because if it did your other drawing would be deleted. Make sure that you don’t have those drawings. Best way to do this is go to an empty frame and type in 3 and see what it shows. If it’s an empty drawing or something you don’t mind deleting, then right-click on that frame in the XSheet and do a Drawing > Delete Selected Drawing. Then do the Rename By Frame again.