Removing the background off images

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is a way on Toon Boom to remove the background off images imported into the programme.

Here is my problem:

I download a picture of a character off the net and when I import it into TB, the image has a white rectangle around it, so it looks ridiculous when it’s on top of a background.

Can anyone help?


Evening from Sweden,

I always use photoshop to clean up my backgrounds as it’s much more
efficient. However, assuming you don’t and as per your question want
to do it in Toon Boom, I’d try using the cutter tool.

If you have a black circle on a square white background with a hairline
border on the outside of the white square, you could use the cutting tool
to make cuts of the black hairline. Then select the individual cuts and
delete them.

Be aware you may have to ‘vectorize’ the file first in Toon Boom.

I’m new to TBS, so there’s probably a much better way to do that, but
it’s the way I know!

Hope this helps!

Hi Robert.
If the images are in black and white and were scanned to make a pencil test, I recommend this tutorial video created by “DNethery”:

When the image is color, import file in TBS next, right mouse click on image cell in timeline: ¨Convert element to vector¨, this transform your image in a new drawing, and you can select and cut all not necessary parts, as said ChristoperPgrant. Greetings. Yoryo.

Thanks both,

It takes some time but it’s well worth it.