Removing duplicate drawings in my library - Harmony Advanced

I have found that when making alternate drawings for substitutions, duplicates seem to appear and are named with numerals. I want to find a way to clean out all these extra drawings from my library, but I haven’t found a way to do that in the general instructions online. Can you help me figure out this puzzle? I want to stay as organized as possible.

If you mean delete drawings you don’t want, you just need to edit the template, right-click on the drawings and select Delete Selected Drawings, then save and close the template. If you have drawings that you want to keep but they are numbered, for instance, drawing-1, drawing-1_1, drawing-1_2, drawing-2, and you want them to be numbered continuously, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., you can select the drawings on the Xsheet, right-click and select Drawings > Rename by Frame. You should have the template on 1s, otherwise this will rename your drawings 1, 3, 5 (if on 2s). Then close and save the template.

Luis Canau

Thank you, Luis. I couldn’t find exactly where to right-click to delete the drawings, but I did bracket-scroll to the unwanted drawing and then select the drawing in the drawing view and was able to delete it there. I still have the empty drawing in my library, but I can likely fill it in the future with a new alternate and then just rename it. I’m just trying to keep a neat library, I guess. (So it kinda bugs me that I have these empty drawings in my library.)

That being said, I am wondering if there is a way to re-order the drawings in the library, or am I stuck with the order that they default to?

Thanks again for your reply - sorry I didn’t acknowledge sooner.

To permanently delete unwanted drawings: Right click on the drawing instance in the timeline and go to Drawings, Delete Selected Drawings. You can do this by clicking on the drawing in the xsheet too.

To rename the drawing: Right click on the drawing in the timeline (or xsheet) and go to Drawings, Rename Selected Drawings.

Only delete unwanted drawings this way.

If you simply press the delete button on your keyboard it will just delete the drawing from your timeline or xsheet and it will still be stored in your library.
If you delete the drawing from the camera or drawing tab, you will be left with a blank drawing in your timeline.

If you rename a drawing by typing over the original name in the library tab you will just get an error message, “Drawing (drawing name) is not found”.
If you rename a drawing by typing over the original name in the xsheet it will create a new blank drawing and you still have the other stored in your library.

Fantastic! Thanks, that’s exactly what I was trying to do. Mission accomplished!

Yay! Good to hear! :slight_smile:

You can set a keyboard shortcut to delete unwanted drawing substitutions. It’s under edit>preferences>keyboard shortcuts. You can search for ‘delete selected drawings’ or look under the exposure sheet category to find it. I have mine set to control+alt+q, it’s a nice little triangle to hit. It only works when your mouse is over the camera, the exposure sheet, or the drawing window though.

I don’t know why this one is hidden so well! I use it all the time.