Removing background

I would like to know if there is any tools that can be used in toonboom to remove backgrounds such as I would with Photoshop with the magic wand tool which I previously tried to use and been unsuccessful with so before I take the time to redraw all of these images I would like to see if there’s a tool I can utilize in toon boom that would allow me to remove the background for the images. I’m open to all suggestions


Thank you. I tested it with the vector in grey and it brought the lines over perfectly I just have to color them in. Other than that it worked perfectly just as you suggested thanks.

thank you very much for that I will see what I can come across.

I believe you upgraded to Harmony 12? Unfortunately I am unable to switch over to the Harmony 12 levels yet so experimenting to see if things have changed is not possible. If you are still having trouble with this let me know. I can at least go through the process using what I have and it may cast a light on something you see in your software.

When importing you can choose options that end up importing only the lines and everything else is transparent. You need to experiment with the vector options. I don’t have it memorized. Do some tests maybe naming them 1, 2, 3 and so on making notes what you did with each and discover which option produces the result you want.

For instance, I drew characters in Photoshop and imported them as lines then used TB tools to color and edit.

An aside, eventually I used these to trace off within TB so I had drawings created 100% with TB tools to have all of the options they offer available to me.