Removing auto-matte

Hi! How I can remove auto-matte?

I red User Guide “Generating a Matte”. It doesn’t have information about removing matte.

Menu-Edit-Undo if the project is still open and you have not exceeded your total undo limit.
Otherwise just select and clear the layer on which you created the auto-matte. By default the
auto-matte goes into the underlay layer if you have not actively chosen the line art or colour
art layer for it.

Thank you very much for answering. How I can clear underlay layer?

Hi Mariasi,

you could do the following:

  • be sure that you’re working in the ‘Drawing View’
  • select the ‘Underlay Layer’
  • choose the ‘Select Tool’
  • enable the ‘Permanent Selection’ option in the ‘Tool Properties’ menu of the ‘Select Tool’
  • in the ‘Drawing View’ select an area that covers the space used by the layer’s ‘Auto Matte’ drawing elements
  • enable the ‘Apply to multiple Drawings’ option in the ‘Tool Properties’ menu of the ‘Select Tool’
  • be sure that the ‘Drawing View’ is actif (red contour surrounding the ‘Drawing View’) and press the ‘Delete’ key of your keyboard