Removing a Scene to another episode

I would like to remove a Scene from the episode I have it in now and move it to another episode (different project).

How do I go about doing this?

How do I move it from one project and put it in another one?


For your scene to be relocated
1. Go to the timeline and add a peg element at the very top

2. Shift-Select all of the tracks in the timeline other that the peg you just added to the top

3. Drag and drop all the selected elements up and directly over the peg element you just put at the top of your timeline

4. Collapse the peg at the very top of the timeline.

5. Select the track for that collapsed peg element and drag and drop it into you library into your global catalog.

6. Go to the scene manager and for the scene you no longer want in your project, un-check it in the scene manager. Or delete the whole scene, your choice.

7. Save you current project and your global library.

Now you can open a different project and you have your entire scene as a library template that you can drag and drop into the timeline of any project any time. -JK

Ahhh, very easy! Thank you again for the help!

I am loving Toon Boom, there is a TON of different stuff that you can do with it, and I still don’t know half of what it is. :wink:

Now that I am getting a hang of it, it is going so smoothly.