Remove/Delete Bones in Harmony Essentials?

I like this Harmony-thing. It is a great step forward from Toon Boom Studio, but I still have problems.

I have tried to search all over the internet, in this forum and looking through the manual, but haven’t been able to find out how to delete/remove bones which I have added to a character. If I try to delete the bone layer, the whole part disappears, for instance a leg.
So as far as I xan understand, one needs to detach the bone, but I have tried to look at all menus and I cannot find any such command. I can disable the layer but that won’t let me delete it. What is it that I am missing?

To delete the bone you can just move the drawing layer, that’s inside the bone layer, and put it outside of the bone layer.

If the bone layer is empty it will also be erased.

Ah, thank you! Not so obvious, but simple as long as you know it. Hopefully I will remember it the next time!

Im facing the same problem but I didnt get what I should do to fix it. Could you explain again? Is it possible to print screen it?

Under Deformation you can find bone then delete