Remove Cross Sections Quickly?

I love inking with toonboom but I find myself crossing lines all the time (I use pencil tool to ink), leaving little end sections. Is there a way to get rid of these cross sections end points quickly? I know in flash you have to select them and then delete them manually one at a time which tends to be a pain at times and sometimes hard to select. I really want to to get super clean line results, so is there a way to get rid of these cross sections in toonboom animate?

Yes, there is a quick form to do this. Select the cutter tool (in the select tool drop down menu), and touch the unnecessary portion to be deleted. This selects all the brush shape previous to the first stroke intersection. When selected, delete it. Regards. Yoryo.

Another thing you can do is (if the image is flattened) take the contour editor and select the end point on the bit that’s sticking out and delete it. Yoryo’s way is probably easier though :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Support

Thanks guys I tried both of your suggestions.

The cutter tool doesnt seem to select the entire section like I need. It’s pretty much a pixel perfect tool. I need it to select the entire point when I lasso over it.

Lili’s suggestions on the counter editor seems better because it did infact select the entire end point after I used flatten, but sometimes wasnt selecting things correctly. Plus I couldnt tell what I was selecting because it turned alot of surrounding lines orange. I keep fighting to get a correct selection. Also, Do I have to flatten every single drawing just to delete the end points?

Seems like it turned out to be an easier process to do in flash after all? I really hope im just doing something wrong and thats not the case.

Actually i just stumbled on to something quit amazing! There is a section under Drawings/CleanUp called REMOVE HAIRS and it pretty much does what Im trying to do now. Removes those little end points. Gives a great start base for cleaning my lines.

EDIT: Ok seems like it’s actually removing more that I wanted lol but still a great tool

But for removing the end points manually seems like counter editor +flatten seems to be the quickest method (When using pencil tool to ink?) I just wish it was like some kind of auto flatten feature so I wouldnt have to flatten each frame manually.

It´s very easy to do: use the cutter in lasso or in marquee mode and simply touch with the tablet pencil or click on with the mouse the unnecessary portion and delete it. This portion is autoselected by Animate in a clean and precise form until the next intersection. The brush shape may be flatten or not, the result is the same. Remember don´t drag, if you do this you will select a portion of the shape but not all the unnecessary portion shape you wish. Yoryo.

Ok I finally got it to work! Apparently it doesnt work for the pencil tool, only lines made with the brush tool. Is it possible to make it automatically delete a line from a single click?

Yes, this precise one-click cutter selection works only in brush mode. Also, you can convert your pencil lines (vector centerlines) to brush strokes (vector outline), and proceed to clean it as well. It isn´t possible delete a pencil line with a single click.
Good luck. Yoryo

Thank you sir. I’ll have to use contour editor menthod then. Just wish it would auto flatten without going to do it manually for each frame.

Hey… while Im here mind if I have another question. What method do you use to scroll and move through the stage while drawing? I notice there is no sidebar is Animate (There is in toonboom) and I find myself always having to click to the hand tool and the zoom tool ever few seconds/minutes. Like I could be inking the face and want to scroll down to the shirt and I have to use hand tool, then I want ink another part and I have to zoom out, alittle, and then scroll alittle with the hand tool again. So it’s this process of constantly switching between these 2 tools and it feels alittle tedious.

Am I the only one who feels this way or is there a method you guys use? Since there is no scroll bar like in Toonboom what method would u guys suggest for moving around and zooming more productively?

Press X or Z to zoom in or out incrementally, Shift + V to reset view, spacebar to grab and drag.

As well Lilly said, you can also use the contour editor, but using the cutter tool is very quick and precise method to clean brush strokes, flattened or not.
In order to the last question, is just that Guitarrist said, I add to the answer that for these keys you need set the shortcut preferences as: Toon Boom Studio, and for grab to scroll the camera view, pressing space key (free pan and zoom), Animate temporarily changes the current tool to the grab tool, and you don´t need to go to change the tool manually. Regards. Yoryo.


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