I have a scene (a number of them) that I have that use some CG backgrounds… The characters will be composed in TBS, but they will be walking on a glass surface, so I need to generate a reflection somehow using TBS, that automatically updates based on the animations I have… Saving me some work.

I suppose I could generate reflections for each cell using Photoshop, or after effects, but the workload would triple, and I am a one man crew. Is there any applicable way to achieve this within the toon boom studio software? Thanks!

Drag your completed animated character into the Library…
(make sure that the character is collapsed, that all parts are joint in one top level layer (peg)…

Drag that template back into your viewport / timeline,
turn it vertical until it fits underneath the existing character…

As far as I know, Studio isn’t able to create a fade-out-effect of this mirror-image…?
Unfortunately the Clipping-Effect doesn’t see the transparency-mask…?

This is indeed possible and easy achievable with Animate 2, I am using now,
after many years of working with Toon Boom Studio…


Thanks Nolan, I will be looking into animate asap.