Releasing license

Hi. I’m upgrading from Windows XP to Mac OS X. I have Storyboard 1.5 installed on the XP box. I want to transfer the license to the Mac but don’t see how to.Earlier today, I did this with Toon Boom Studio 5. It had the License wizard so it was pretty simple. How can I do this with Storyboard 1.5?Thanks,Mike

they use different licensing systems… to transfer your Storyboard Pro, you do not have to do anything on the XP machineon the Mac, just plug in the dongle, download the most recent Hasp HL drivers according to your OS: your computertry to launch Storyboard Pro

Thanks, but this is for the base version of Storyboard, not Storyboard Pro.The problem is that every time I start up StoryBoard, I am prompted to enter my name and key. I do that, click OK and get a dialog stating “Thank you for purchasing Toon Boom Storyboard.” I click OK and I can run Storyboard. But the net time that I start up, I’m prompted again.Thanks,Mike