Reinstall Windows and TB Harmony 14, can't activate

Reinstalled all, and now can’t activate TB Harmony 14, which is monthly paid. Says “There is no license for Harmony Premium in your account”. Well, yes there are!
Maybe it thinks it’s installed but had to format and reinstall all. So how to fix this?

I THINK this might be the answer you’re looking for:

You’d copy your product key from your account, paste it into the license wizard, email that XMP file to Toon Boom, they’ll respond with a new XMP (hopefully automated), and that file will contain the confirmation that your license has been deactivated remotely and you can reactivate. I THINK anyway.

Before that, you can try doing a typical ‘return via internet’
I think that assumes the license is on your current build though, which it’s not, but if you can see it it’s worth a shot.

Thank you for help.

But, I got monthy subscription, so there isn’t “product code”. These kind of are so annoying. For those who want to use illegal copies, find their way, but who just want pay and use, these are so * frustrating.

Same issue here!

Reformatted my machine without releasing the SBP license back to the server. What happens if my machine gets stolen? Or crashes? Is there no way of remotely returning it from your online account? Adobe Creative Cloud can do it…

Unprofessional and frustrating!