Reinstall Toon Boom Animate

I broke the computer and I have to reinstall toon boom Animate. Toon boon animate is an update from Toon Boom Studio 5. Version 5 of Toon Boom Studio is an update of previous versions. How should I proceed? I have to install them all?
Sorry for my bad English.

I had to re-install Animate, also. You should just go to your Account page and there is a link to your products. On that page is a link to download animate and the serial code for your copy.

I’ve never had to install TBS or anything other than Animate and my copy is an upgrade from ToonBoom Studio, too.

Mike, thanks for your reply. Now I try to reinstall!
Good day!

Mike, thanks for your reply. Now I try to reinstall!
Good day!

So, you don’t have to deactivate license first? As described here
That’s what worries me most - what if my computer suddenly crashes and I can not return the license to Toon Boom? (OK, my computer never had crashed just like that, but there is always possibility) How will I make activation and use software (Animate Pro) if that happened?

I check. My PC is broken and now I have to reinstall everything. I hope there are no problems. I asked this question because my toon boom software are all upgrades from earlier versions. You know if it will be ok.

and I apologize for my bad English,


I also upgraded from TBS. all you need to do is install then contact ToonBoom Cust support to reset your activation. Until they reset sense you can not with out the original install and computer. Once they reset you will be able to use the activation wizard to activate.

Until they reset your activation use the trial mode / version. I normally only takes a few days from the time of your request.

Hope this helps

Mikie is correct - what you need to do for a broken computer is to email and explain your situation. Generally, if you’re going to upgrade your OS or wipe your hard drive, you should deactivate your license beforehand following the deactivation procedure, as provided in the link

If you’re unable to follow that procedure then you need to contact the licensor directly.

Toon Boom Support


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