Region of influence - Harmony Advance

So I’m trying to use/learn about the Region of influence within Harmony Advance and quite frankly I cannot even get the dialog box to show itself much less figure out how to make the feature work. I’ve read the documentation till I’m blue in the face. I select a bone, hit show deformers and hide others and go to layer properties . There are 3 sections. Basic enable, Resting Parameter and Deform Parameter. There is no dialog box with “Region of Interest” anywhere to be found. I’m sure I’m doing something obviously wrong but it escapes me how something that should be trivial to enable is so complicate to make work. I’ve been searching YouTube for just a simple tutorial on this as I figured that there has to be one somewhere but I’ve yet to find one. If someone has some pointers or a tutorial you could point me to I’d appreciate it.

Ok… figured it out myself. It is as I suspected. The Region of Influence is NOT a feature found in Advance. I opened a test file with Premium and sure enough the RoI tab is there. It is not in Advance.

Note to TB people who may be reading this. Please take this OUT of your Advance documentation and help save others from fruitless efforts to make something work that is in fact not there.