Refreshing imported psd's?

Hi, I’m just learning Animate and whilst I’ve done some animation in After Effects and understand the basics, I’m not an artist. I take the artist’s pictures, scan them into Photoshop, cut them up and then import them into Animate as vectors (I understand the system for preparing them in ps). Quite often, though, I find I need to go back to ps and edit some layers to improve the look of the animation. My problem lies in re-importing those layers into Animate after re-editing.

Is there any easy way that Animate can refresh / update psd files/layers after editing? (Adobe call it “round-tripping” and some other apps do update edited files automatically.)

At the moment my workaround is to reimport only the edited layer(s) and cut and paste the previous, key-framed, time line cells from where they were to the new layer, which is both time consuming and means resetting pivot points, etc.

Any help would be most appreciated.

There is no simple way to do this unfortunately. The problem lies in the conversion to vectors. When you import the PSD files and vectorise them, then you set your pivot points, this information is stored in the .tvg files that are created in Animate.

If you were keeping your imported photoshop files as bitmaps instead of vectorising them, and if you weren’t using pivot points, then it would be a little easier to replace them.

In Animate 2, you will be able to copy the drawing pivot from a drawing on one element to a drawing on another element (layer). This may help to save a little time.

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Thanks Lilly, I’ll struggle on for a while with the learning process and maybe try importing as bitmaps to see if there are enough advantages to that.

If I have to do the whole of the artist’s book it could take some time, but I’ll try to prepare the psd files better, so as to work within the constraints of the program.